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15 to 100 Ton Lorry Crane Rental

Lorry Crane Rental w Operator. We are specialized in providing Lorry Crane Services with High Standards of Safety Compliance.

Site Compliance: LTA, HDB, PUB, PSA, Jurong Island

Other Attachments:

– Fly-jib

– Wire Rope Winch

– Workman Basket

(1 Personnel)

40Ft Platform Trailer

Rental of 40Ft Platform Trailer w Payload up to 34 Tonnes

Hire Lifting Team (Lorry Crane)

Compliance to Building Management requirements for Lorry Crane Lifting Operations. We provide Drafting of Lifting Plan and all other documentations.

Your Safety Team: Lifting Supervisor, Signal & Riggerman, Lorry Crane Operator, Banksman

Container Stuffing / Unstuffing & Storage

Odd-sized cargo, heavy equipment, unusual dimensions require different tools and equipment. 

Remove your hassle by trusting our professional team to unstuff your containers for maximum efficiency.

Moving Services (Heavy Machinery)

Moving heavy machinery in a warehouse or industrial facility is a hazardous task. It involves risk assessment and preparation of the method statements to describe the safety precautions to put in place to control risks identified. Engage our team of professional movers for a hassle-free moving experience.

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What is the Minimum Duration for Lorry Crane Rental?

Per Trip Basis:

The Minimum Charges for Rental of Lorry Crane is 3 Hour. Afterwhich, per hour charges apply.

What are the Available Time Slot for Lorry Crane Rental?

These are the preferred timings:

– 08:00 AM

– 11:00 AM

– 13:00 PM

– 15:00 PM

– 17:00 PM

Night Jobs (Flexible Arrangement)

We are a flexible team, and yes we can accommodate other differences in timing feel free to make a request.