Lorry cranes have become a common means of transportation for various goods due to the flexibility of the crane movement and vehicle deployment. Lorry cranes are utilised for lifting jobs and it can also carry a reasonable amount of cargo enough to fit a 20ft Container. 

Over the years, safety has been the primary concern when deploying our lorry cranes. One of the key factors that set the basis for safe lorry crane operations is the community that we are operating in. Working conditions are not usually direct & straightforward, guidelines and standard procedures might not be enough for the wide spectrum of condition as well.

Hence, in Ban Soon Huat, our experienced team of lorry crane operators come together regularly opening discussion on various safety issues. This makes our team a more preferred choice for lorry crane operations. This internal network we have formed allowed our operators to harness the tacit knowledge requires to bring the Safety of lorry crane operations to a whole new level.