Selecting the right lorry crane reduces the overall risks and costs, most importantly achieving higher work efficiency at the job site.


Some key steps in selecting the right size lorry crane~


  1. Establish how the lorry crane will access and leave the site. Are roads and entrances able to accommodate?
  2. The total weight & dimension of the load
  3. Determine clearance issues, either height under ceiling or overhead obstructions.
  4. Material and ground conditions for deploying outriggers
  5. Verify ground obstacles and how the lorry crane will need to work around the obstructions during lifting
  6. Determine how the lorry crane will be positioned and the total boom length requirements

All these factors are essential to the process of selecting the right lorry crane for a safe and successful job.


However, you may want to consider hiring a Professional Lifting Team to assist you in the process of planning your lifting needs. A Competent Lifting Supervisor is able to coordinate the actual lifting operations and the logistics planning of your cargo, and with a proper risk assessment, method of statement and lifting plan, you are all set to go!~

 *Lifting Team consists of Lifting Supervisor, Signalman, Riggerman, Crane Operator. (Banksman/Traffic Controller or additional Signal/Riggerman may be considered based on the lifting operations’ scope.